A Renter is the person designated in the contract. In principle only this person is entitled for stipulated use. If the renter hands the bicycle to a third party, then he is responsible for any damages occurring. Signing of the rental contract, or assumption of the bicycle, means that the renter must recognize the normal and faultless condition of the bicycle from there on.

The renter is obligated to return the bicycle at the time agreed upon in the lease. Early return of the bicycle does not permit any refund. An extension of the duration of rental is possible only after previous arrangement with us. For the extended duration of rental (in days) the price is after-raised.

The renter is in any case responsible for himself and the bike. With signing the contract or handing over the bike, the renter notice the proper and the free from defects condition of the bike.
Alex rent a bike is in any case not accountable, there is no entitlement to damages.

Handing over of the bicycle and keys, puts all responsibility on the renter. All borrowed articles are to be held in a perfect condition. The renter is liable according to general rules if he damages the vehicle or commits any other violation of the contract. In particular the renter must return the vehicle – in the context of a usual use – in the same condition, as he took over it. The liability of the renter extends also to damage costs, such as the cost of experts, depreciation or renting loss costs.

Any misuse of the bicycle, transport of one or several additional person/s, e.g. on the bike rack, as well as overloading a bicycle, driving over obstacles with which the vehicle can clearly suffer a damage is illegal. The tenant must ride in accordance with the traffic rules. It is strictly forbidden to ride up and down stairways or to drive over sidewalk edges (over 100 mm) with the rented bicycle.

The renter is obligated to announce occurring damage. Damages will be repaired or if necessary, a spare bicycle will be replaced.
In cause of an accident in which the bicycle suffers damage, the renter is obligated in any case (also with minor damages) to let the police handle the situation.
If the renter is at fault for the accident, he is liable for any damage to the bicycle and is liable for costs that arise in the future. If the fault is at someone else expense, they are responsible for any following damage costs. To clarify later questions of fault, a statement must be written by the police. The renter is responsible in particular for negligent and deliberately caused damage (lacquer scratch, damage from the bicycle falling etc..) which conflicts with the renting conditions. Apply in a general manner e.g. rental conditions, even if it gets off to damage by procedures, with which several tenants are involved, independently whether the tenants are in a group or not. The tenant may assign other business premises than those of the landlord to the repair only consent or previous agreement of the landlord; otherwise the renter bears the cost from the agency and if necessary other repair costs.
In the case of damage a contractual penalty amounting to the damage must be paid. If a lock key is lost or lock is broken a penalty at a value of 40,-€ must be paid. Other payment of damages remains unaffected by it.

The renter is responsible for theft, since during the rental the renter is fully responsible for the bicycle and to secure it properly. The bicycles are to be protected with the safety devices provided. A theft is to be announced immediately so that the message can be passed on to the order of the authority/police. In the case of theft a contractual penalty at a value of 350,-€, Ligero 450,-€ (Electro bike: 1400,-€) must be paid. Large payment of damages remains unaffected by it.

Bicycles are to be returned along with the equipment provided. They should be in a clean condition. All cases of damage are to be indicated to us immediately.